Vivaldi Color Changer Service 2.2.0- Theme Changer Edition

Photo by Tobias Carlsson on Unsplash


Now after Vivaldi expanded it’s native color changing capabilities by adding Razer Chroma support, I’ve expanded my color changing program as well.

With the new Vivaldi Color Changer Service 2.2.0 update, a plethora of new devices are now supported. Any machine running Windows 10 can have their OS theme sync with Vivaldi Browser’s current active page.

This feature took a long time to come out because of limitations with changing Windows themes from a service as well as the RGB Fusion SDK download link no longer working, and the project that I use to hook into the SDK not being updated to the new version. If you used any of the previous versions of the Color Changer Service then you can reuse the DLLs from before and it should still work.

I hope that many more users will be excited about the project expanding to all Windows 10 machines and I hope you will try it out and let me know what you think! I have been able to already implement two of the planned features and hope to work on more!

Sir Fredrick


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